Comprehensive Main Scope Rehab

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Gina Gallutia

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A well-researched and organized Main Rehab scope (Capital Repairs) will make you invaluable to your clients. If done well, this process can build lifelong relationships with both asset managers and contractors. During this course, one of the top REO brokers and one of the top REO contractors will walk you through a scope from start to finish. The class includes resources to help you correctly scope a property, allowing you to be effective, efficient, and provide your clients with one of the most significant parts of the REO process.
Brian Armstrong, Owner, Nutone Construction   
Brian Armstrong has owned and operated NuTone Construction since 2005 and specializes in REO/REIT construction services. In his 17 years in the business, he has performed over 50,000 rehabs and has managed multiple markets while both self-performing repairs and offering his construction management services to clients. Throughout his construction career, he also started glass, plumbing, restoration, and electrical companies in multiple local markets to help with the flow of work, allowing Armstrong to train subcontractors to work within pricing guidelines. NuTone Construction’s main market footprint areas are all of Nevada and Southern Arizona. 
Jim Hastings, President, Hastings Brokerage, Ltd. 
Jim Hastings is the Chairman of the FORCE. He is the Broker of Hastings Brokerage, Ltd., a Las Vegas real estate firm that has specialized in helping mortgage servicers and residential real estate portfolio managers with their complete REO process since 1984. He holds a bachelor’s degree in real estate from Arizona State University and has closed over $1 billion in residential REO. He holds real estate broker licenses held in Nevada, California, Arizona, and formerly Ohio. He has had offices in each state, only operating in Nevada now. He is also the Co-Founder of Broker Brain, a web-based REO management system used throughout country. 

Comprehensive Main Scope Rehab
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Comprehensive Main Scope Rehab - Presentation PDF
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Handout - Before & After Photos
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Handout - Blank Main Scope Rehab Spreadsheet
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Handout - Main Scope Filled Out Example
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