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Gina Gallutia

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BPOs are your foot in the door, so it’s critical to make sure you’re doing them properly. Demonstrate to Asset Managers the methodical and careful approach you take from the very beginning. Understand the purpose, scope, and collection requirements of a BPO, then learn about valuation methods and best practices. Also, ARVs are being increasingly used by investors to determine the value of an asset. Learn how to provide the best information possible to investors with a thorough and accurate ARV.
Michael Friedman, Managing Partner, Lending Direct Mortgage Banker  
Michael has been working in the Mortgage Banking industry since 1988 as a loan originator, underwriter, and brand manager. In 1998, he founded his real estate brokerage, which specializes in aiding property owners facing challenges in retaining their properties. He later broadened his offerings to include property management and preservation in 2007 and tax preparation services in 2015. Along with his real estate production, he is currently funding private money loans, renovation loans, and ground-up new home construction.

OnDemand - BPOs & ARVs
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BPOs & ARVs - Presentation Deck
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Added 4 months ago, by Sherri
This course was very beneficial to me, in review of previous BPO experience. Thank you.
Added 4 months ago, by Anonymous
this course was excellent .thank you
Added 4 months ago, by MAUREEN
Thank you.

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