REO Certification

3 modules


Course Length
91 mins

Jennifer Kuhn

$300 - 500


Beginning with the BPO and finishing with best practices for an REO office. Jennifer's passion to get these homes back on the market truly shows.  She gives you insights to working with Asset Managers, guidelines from years of rehab and construction experience and even what products and services work best for her team to keep them on top. There will be a final assessment to receive the certification. 


Jennifer Kuhn, Owner, JLK Sales Group brokered by eXp Realty  
Hired in April of 2015 by an institutional investor to run their Ocean County Sheriff Sale Auction team, Jennifer Kuhn served as Team Leader and has been involved in over 200 short sales since 2006. She directs the entire process, from identifying assets to evaluating and determining their after-repair value, along with finalizing purchases. Once awarded, she would visit the asset to determine if cash-for-keys negotiations are needed or if she can gain access. From there, she would begin evaluating ARV and completing a full BPO. Kuhn says the experience has perfected her skills in overall evaluation of assets and seeing any possible "red flags" that could stall a sale. In these years, it has expanded her knowledge in perfecting the as-is value of an asset and the repair value and construction bids. In 2018, Kuhn created the JLK Sales Group and became the team leader of the successful real estate team. 


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate REO Certification

OnDemand: REO Certification
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Assessment: REO Certification
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Added 4 months ago, by Sara
I loved this course. The instructor was thoroughly engaging and offered a lot of insightful information.

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